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Branding agency SD line, will help you correctly organize your online presence. We offer a range of services from creating small sites to running large turn-key projects.

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We are the team

We create projects and work through them to the smallest details We will finish each project started. We are ready to solve various unforeseen situations, regardless of complexity. QUALITY THE MAIN PRIORITY!

We are scalable

Consulting analyst support If you need more professionals to run the product on time - you can hire additional developers within the company without spending too much time searching.

We are professionals

We create a full range of works You can hire newbies or middle-level developers, but you can always rely on expert advice.

We are flexible

We perform full testing of the created products You can hire part-time developers at any time for the time you need.

We are the quality

We monitor the latest trends in design and programming We can provide you with a quality control service to support communications in complex projects

Why we?
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SD Line
in numbers
55 years experience
117solved problems

We specialize in complex solutions for the creation and development of brands, and rebranding

  • - the is able to properly combine the ideas and technology
  • - development of marketing strategy
  • - positioning of the company
  • - identity
What are we doing?


  • - information architecture
  • - visual design
  • - web design development
  • - adaptive design
  • - brand development
  • - development of graphic components


  • - Response Layout (LESS, SCSS)
  • - active user interface and animation (jQuery, backbone)
  • - stand-alone client interfaces (Angular)
  • - development of Drupal websites
  • - integration into third API interfaces
  • - software optimization
  • - mobile application development

TWe embody
fantasies in life

  • - create a corporate identity
  • - development of beech brand
  • - company name and slogan
  • - creation of websites and applications, UI design, UX
Complex solution
Become a brand
About SD Line Company

SD line is a Ukrainian company that has been helping to develop business on the Internet for more than 5 years. Our web developers, marketers, designers carry out projects of any complexity. We help to develop business, start-ups, commercial firms and state-owned companies. Creating a successful business takes not a couple of months. Most people need at least 3 years. We will help you save time, provide step-by-step development recommendations. Following them, you can go through the year that path, which most entrepreneurs need 3-5 years. We do not just create Internet projects, we solve the problems of your business.

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We help to develop business, start-ups, commercial companies and state-owned companies. Creating a successful business takes not a couple of months. We will help you reduce the time of development of your business and prevent common mistakes when promoting on the Internet. We do not just create Internet projects, we solve the problems of your business.

We help our customers save time and avoid common problems that business usually faces. We will help you solve even the most difficult tasks that concern the development of your business on the Internet.

Our goal is to bring your project to the desired result, attract new customers and keep the old ones. We want your business to develop and prosper. For this we need qualified specialists whose services we are ready to provide to you.

You will receive exhaustive recommendations for promoting your brand on the network, which will help you get around your competitors. Turning to us, you get a unique opportunity for a year or less to go the way in business, equal to 3-5 years of independent development.

We are ready to fulfill projects for you in the field of Internet marketing, web development and design. To work on your order will be attracted by a team of professionals. The well-coordinated work of our specialists is always aimed at achieving specific goals of your business.

We both take projects to order, and we provide our team with specialists for solving specific tasks. We offer you quality services in the field of Internet marketing, web development and design. They will definitely cost you less than an unlimited number of mistakes that you will inevitably allow while you are independently dealing with various areas of doing business on the Internet.

You should contact us, because we are strategically approaching your task. Individual specialists in most cases are responsible only for a narrow area, not understanding how everything functions in general. For example, a programmer simply makes a website that works well. A copywriter simply writes a unique optimized text. The designer just does a beautiful design. Such performers are usually not very versed in Internet marketing and do not understand what global tasks are before the text, design or site. They do not understand how everything works in the complex - how social networks are used to promote the brand, contextual advertising provides a flow of customers, etc.

This approach can be found today very often, although it is no longer relevant, as it does not promote effective sales. Knowing this, we practice very different methods that really make a profit. We make sure that each element is in its place and does its part not in itself, but in synergy with all the tools used. We have everything - texts, websites, design, advertising - working towards a common goal.