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Brand Identity: development of corporate identity and company logo

Unlike the drinks from Coca Cola soda Pepsi significant, isn't it? And the thing is that an important role is played by identity. These two examples are iconic for every business as they have a similar taste but overall different design. Visual design of any product or service is a key point that should be taken into account in the branding process. It is very important to understand that identity should cause associations, thus being recognizable among the consumer audience.

In simple words, Identity is an image of one or another company. In this case, the image is not only in visualization, but also necessarily supported by the ideological component. A potential buyer of your product, for example, will be able to see your mission and values only thanks to a well-developed identity. How to create a distinctive product from existing ones - read on. There are several rules, following which you will turn into a well-known company in its segment. First of all, you should choose a contractor who will be engaged in development of identity, and the rest is a matter of technology.

Every self-respecting online or offline company understands that this service is indispensable. If your business is only at the start - do not skimp and apply for freelance. Some experts can really offer cheap services, but the quality will definitely wish the best. In this regard, we have a second advice for you - work only with agencies. If you want to be remembered by your potential client from the first time, it is very important to use all existing resources and tools. In General, the identity will solve many problems, the main of which are the following:

  • Create company awareness. Even among those who do not prefer your product, you must achieve recognition. This is a key point that must be taken into account.
  • Visual advantage over competitors. Your brand should look brighter than its competitors. It allows to increase recognition and level of loyalty of consumers.
  • Quality identity inexpensive will make the image of any company serious. Unlike one-day companies, which are full on the Internet, identity will do everything possible to show your importance.

Additionally, a set of measures will help to significantly reduce the cost of promotion. Sooner or later, any company will have to spend money on promotion, but if you think about identity from the beginning - you will not have to pay. Our company helps you not to worry about the possibility of unforeseen funding, so order identity- the right decision.

Also identity service is indispensable when your company is working on the market too much time. There comes a time when you need to change something - from the design of leaflets to the logo. Trust the professional staff of our digital Agency, and you can be sure of attracting new customers in a short time.
Section: Blog 25.03.2019