The site of the company Lapplace
The main task Create a Social Network Catalog with a modern design, with a convenient and intuitive interface in the mobile and desktop versions for the startup LAPPLACE
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Company page
On the service, their page can be created as full-fledged companies, as well as beginning entrepreneurs who do not yet have their own website. All you need is to arm yourself with the desire to work on the result and create a profile on Lapplace
The site of the company Lapplace
User page
On Lapplace, you can chat with your friends, share findings and discoveries, keep track of company news, recommend places worth attending, and places or warn of unscrupulous staff

The site of the company Lapplace
Home page
Lapplace - the place where people share their opinions, express themselves about what to like and what does not like where the service meets the claimed, and where it does not hold out. And this content is beneficial to both visitors and owners of companies.

The site of the company Lapplace