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Modern corporate website

Corporate website: trend or useful business tool?

Sometimes business owners decide to create a corporate website, just because it is fashionable. That is, they order an “advanced” business card, which does not fulfill a special functional role and does not bring the company profit. Hence the opinion - the corporate site is not needed, it is easier to create pages in social networks.
Is it correct? What for?

This question must be asked yourself before each decision and action. In this case, it is also relevant. "Why do we need a corporate website"? As a response, you can choose any goals that the company's official web resource can fulfill:

  • demand testing;
  • demonstration of feedback, feedback from consumers;
  • lead generation;
  • payment acceptance;
  • personnel search;
  • any other business tasks.

For whom?

Order a corporate website is needed for a specific audience. There are no brand sites targeted for everyone at once: customers, partners, and investors. It is necessary to select the main group of visitors - the most important for business.

So, a modern corporate site is an informative and concise resource, customized for its audience. It is created to achieve selected short-term goals. In a long-term strategy, it attracts an audience, increases brand awareness, and contributes to an increase in conversion.

Correct strategy

  • For the development of a corporate website to bring the expected result, you need:
  • Identify the goals and objectives of the resource.
  • Select audience segments for which the site will be created.
  • To analyze competitors: the features of their sites, the pros and cons.
  • Analyze the old company resource or page in social networks (if they exist). This will help you understand what the audience needs right now.
  • Calculate and the payback period of the site.

Corporate site success factors

Design and functionality - the driving force of such web projects. What is behind these concepts? Clear and understandable structure, unique and modern visual solutions, the use of elements of corporate identity, convenience, adaptability to mobile devices, high download speed. If the brand is international - you should order a corporate website with a multilingual interface.
Just a few recommendations - and the boring useless “business card” turns into a profitable business tool that can positively influence brand promotion and profit growth. When ordering the corporate website of the company, it is important to entrust the task to professional developers.

Section: Blog 24.07.2019