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Video marketing service for your business

Statistics show that users are much more likely to view a marketing video than to read an ad text. Therefore, the sphere of video marketing is developing more and more. Video marketing is an effective marketing tool that promotes a product or service among users using video. If you're in your own business, maybe it's time to think about video marketing to attract more customers. We will be glad to help you in creating high-quality video promotion in Kiev and Ukraine.
With us you can:

  • Create a movie based on the needs of your business
  • Promote your business more effectively
  • Attract new customers
  • Expand target audience
  • Why you need video marketing

Recently, the video format has been seriously competing with the text format. In this regard, there was such a large number of promotional videos on the Internet. For marketers this is a great opportunity to increase sales of their customers, because video marketing in Kiev and Ukraine, combines several important features for the advertising campaign.

  • Efficiency. As experience shows, the use of video marketing in an advertising campaign significantly increases the level of sales, and, consequently, the income of the enterprise.
  • Popularity. Since many people prefer the video format to text, your video ad will be viewed by a large number of people and will significantly expand the target audience.
  • New promotion channel. Video promotion is a new effective method of attracting customers, with proper use it will help you to find new customers and increase profits.
  • Realistic. With video marketing, you establish a more trusting relationship with your potential customer. Video advertising makes the product more real for the buyer and gives a much more complete picture of it.

How does the process of developing video advertising

The development of advertising in the search or display network should be approached very responsibly, because it affects the success of your business in the future. Our team always carefully organizes the work, which consists of several processes. Each of them is very important for the final result.

the development Process consists of the following steps:

Roller Development

According to our plan, we shoot and mount the video. We take into account every detail, because it is very important to choose a certain style solution for your videos, and stick to it in all videos for your project, so that your company becomes recognizable.

Promotion and Analysis of the result

at The stage of preparation we think over a method of promotion of video on YouTube which will suit our client. When the development of the video is completed, we begin to promote it on the platform chosen by the customer. For analysis, we evaluate the results of our work, focusing on the goals we wanted to achieve and the number of views or other selected indicators.

Preparing and Writing the script

At the initial stage, we discuss in detail with our client his wishes, as well as the goals to be achieved. We analyze the customer's business project to identify its strengths and weaknesses. Together with the client, we decide on the type of marketing video and its promotion channel.

Our specialists develop a unique scenario of the video taking into account specific business tasks and your wishes.

Video Publishing

the Most important thing at this stage is to take into account the requirements of search engines so that your promotional video takes a prominent place among competitors. We publish the video on your website, YouTube or social networks, depending on the channel of promotion chosen by our client.

Why us?

  • Experience. Our company has been working in the field of Internet marketing for more than five years. All employees have the necessary qualifications and experience.
  • Qualification. The professionalism of all our employees helps us to perform our work at a high level. Our specialists regularly undergo training and follow market trends.
  • Quality. We guarantee the quality of work to all our customers. Check out examples of our work to assess their quality.
  • Meeting deadlines. We always carry out our orders in terms that are discussed in advance with the client and prescribed in the contract.
  • Development. Our team never ceases to improve and gain new knowledge in the field of video marketing.
  • Individual approach. We use an individual approach to each client and his project, taking into account all your wishes.
  • Result. Our team works on each project with interest and involvement. Our goal is to achieve the result you expect.
  • We are proud to offer our customers quality video marketing services. We also believe that we stand out from the competition, because we approach the work responsibly, and have a number of advantages above.

Order video marketing for your business

The Field of Internet marketing is in constant change. Every year there are new methods of promotion that help us to develop our clients ' projects. Now the sphere of video marketing is probably the best way to promote your product or service. We encourage you to think about promoting your business through video marketing.

Our team is ready to help you with this. We will think through all the details and develop a video that will suit your project and will display its essence, and, in addition, will be recognizable to users. We are confident that our services will help you to expand the range of your potential customers, because our videos are aimed at the target audience of your business. Using video promotion is a promising way to increase sales.

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